Membership & training

Gym membership includes access to the Teofista Boxing Stables indoor and outdoor facility. Every member gets equal amount of one on one time in the ring. Partner pads, Bag drills, ring work and coaching are offered during small group training which is included in your membership during training hours. (Please see schedule for gym hours). Personal pad work is an additional cost and is offered through personal training packages.

Teofista Boxing Gym is a private facility and is not open to the public for drop ins. Once your membership has been approved you will have 24/7 access to the facility BY APPOINTMENT only via text or phone call.

Being a gym member puts you on top of the priority list of being showcased on future boxing events hosted and promoted by Teofista Boxing. (Teofis- ta Boxing Series events at The Deerfoot Inn Casino) Being a member will also give you access to amateur boxing matches sanctioned by Boxing Alberta and Boxing Canada at events all over the world.

Personal training

12$780 + GST$1020 + GST
6$480 + GST$570 + GST
3$255 + GST$315 + GST

Recreational membership

1 Day per week of instruction with a trainer
2 Days open gym drop in

Monthly$129/month (6 month minimum)
Semi-Annually$720 paid in full

Amateur & Pro membership

3 days per week of instruction with a trainer
Unlimited access to facility during gym hours

Monthly$159/month (6 month minimum)
Semi-Annually$900 paid in full

Training: Drop into the gym during training hours and a trainer will work with you and up to 4 others in a small group. Training includes partner pads and other partner drills as well as ring and bag work. We do not teach big group classes, as we believe in teaching people individually as everyone has a different way of learning.

Open Gym Drop in: Member can come in during gym hours and do their own workout. No instruction provided.

Membership Commitment: We require a minimum 6 month commitment from you as you will not learn the sport of boxing in one month. We are a private training facility on private land and we require all members to be long time members as the Teofista Family is a very small tight knit group of people. We welcome anybody as long as they are prepared to commit them- selves for 6 months. After 6 months with Teofista you will know if we are the right fit for you, but ask that you give us 6 months to win you over as, Boxing is a sport which takes time. It will take anybody a month or two to just get settled into how the gym works and how the schedule works. If this does not sound like the right fit, we recommend you looking into other boxing gyms in Cochrane or Calgary as they will provide you with basic training on a drop in basis or on a month to month basis.

Monthly memberships require a visa or mastercard on file which will be debited each month for a minimum of 6 months. We require a 30 day cancellation after the 6 months has been completed. Monthly membership are NOT eligible to be put on hold.

Paid in full membership are permitted to put memberships on hold with written confirmation from Teofista Boxing. A membership can be help for a maximum of 60 days. (ie. If you want to take the summer off you can put your membership on hold for July and August and it will resume in September)

Programs & schedule

Open GymTrainingWomen's Boxercise
Monday-Friday 8:00am-8:00pmMonday-Thursday
Monday & Friday
By appointment only
By appt. only (time slots vary each week)


Drop into the gym during training hours to work with one of our trainers. This is where you will work in a small group learning partner drills and pad work as well as other boxing drills. You will get one on one work as well as partner and small group training.
Amateur, Masters and Professional Sparring for all levels; Whether you are a professional or amateur boxer looking for the best quality sparring partners in the city or you are a mma, muay thai, karate expert or kickboxer looking to get an edge on your competition, we can help you.

Recreational Sparring

Some people who want to try sparring but don’t want to go to work the next day with a bruised rib or black eye. We would love to help you in a controlled sparring environment where there is very little to no contact so you can see what it is really like. We will make sure that the person you are sparring with is able to control themselves so that you can get the most realistic experience in the ring.

Cross Training and Hockey Specific Training all ages

Eric de Guzman grew up playing AAA hockey from Atoms until Midget. Eric was also a local Cochrane General of the Heritage Junior B Hockey League from 2001-2003 serving as the assistant captain. Growing up playing a high level of hockey in Penticton gave Eric many hockey contacts and cross training ideas for Teofista Boxing gym. Eric de Guzman, Duncan Keith, and Hayley Wickensheiser communicate on a regular basis on training tips and new upcoming methods for training. Eric is very excited and enjoys teaching hockey players in specific on the sweet science as it teaches much more than punching. Body awareness, balance, endurance, and eye hand co-ordination are some aspects gained through boxing training. Not to mention when using the boxing equipment such as the heavy bag, speed bags, double end bags, slip bags, and others.

Personal Training

Personal Training can be tailored to your specific training needs. Whether you want to learn the basics of boxing or have a goal in mind, person- al training is meant to meet your needs. Personal training is the focus of Eric de Guzman as it is the easiest way to see and receive training ben- efits. You set your own schedule and time as Eric is available all day most days even if it is at 6am before you go to work downtown.

Youth Programs

Kids 12 and under programs are available on a 6 to 8 week program basis. The program will offer classes per week with a trainer. Each class is 45 minutes of instructions with a 15 minutes cool down/ free time to practice. Please stay tuned for the spring program coming in April 2017 as well as the summer program which will start July 2017. This program involves a lot of outdoor fun activities like running, baseball, football, riding bikes, chasing chickens, outdoor survival, boxing, self defense. All will be taught by people and trainers certified and approved by Eric de Guzman.

All youth programs are 50% boxing related and 50% “theme of the day” related

Masters Programs

Masters boxing is becoming a very popular sport for men and women over the age of 40. The rules for Masters boxing is modified to keep safety of the athlete in mind. Teofista is proud to have Dale Belcher as the president of the masters boxing program. Dale is a legend in Flin Flon Mani- toba where he still holds the most penalty minutes by a Flin Flon Bomber (team in the Saskatchewan Junior Hockey League SJHL.) Dale will act as your consultant every step of the way as you look to fulfill your bucket list. Dale is also a multi time world heavyweight champion in the masters division at the age of 49. Teofista boxing is also home to Wayne Heather, a 56 year young man that took 2 fights after one solid year of training at Teofista Boxing.

Women’s Boxercise

A great way to start and end your week with a morning workout. This class combines boxing, bags, pads, cardio, weights and circuit training all into one hour of fun. All ages welcome and no experience needed. Contact us to try out a class today!